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Come and earn money with us.

Join Our Affiliate Program, our high-converting Modafinil affiliate program.
Partner up with the Modafinil store of the future. Get 20% $ in commission on the sale you generate!

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We are now pleased to be able to offer an affiliate program for orders of modafinil from our site.

That means that if you refer people to our site, and those people then order from us, we will pay you a commission of 20% for each order that you send to us. If you work hard like many of our current partner you could make $5000 a month.

Our Affiliate Program

When you sign up for our affiliate program, we will reward you for every customer you send us. For every purchase, you will receive a referral commission of 20% of the total order price. This is generous because we like to build long term relationships with our customers and affiliates, and we want to think of our affiliates as partners who are working with us for our mutual benefit.

Our Affiliate Promise

We promise a high quality product. We promise that we’ll give advice and help you the best we can.

Whether that’s giving you the statistics you need to make decisions on your  affiliate campaigns, or more holistic advice about the design of your site and the implementation of your affiliate links on to your pages, we will help you where we can.

Our promise is that we will work with you as a partner in this endeavour, and unlike other affiliate programs, we take every affiliate seriously, and treat them well.

Our Affiliate Guide
When you sign up for the affiliate program, you’ll be given a unique affiliate ID. This is how we can track everything you do as an affiliate. It also means that you can check your statistics, and it means that you can’t be confused with any of our other affiliates.

dsdfAs part of your unique ID, you’ll be able to generate links to our products, and if your readers use those links to visit our website and buy from us, you’ll receive your commission. Tracking ID’s also mean that you can see where you are going right, wrong, and where you can improve. For instance, if you are not getting many readers clicking on your link, you can work on your sales copy. If you are getting a lot of clicks but no sales, then you can change how you write about the offer so that it’s clear what people are going to be buying. So on and so forth.

We pay at the end of the month by paypal, but we can also pay you by something else if you need it.

We also recommend that you use some kind of link shortener. The sad fact is, even when you have a legitimate affiliate offer that is in the best interests of your reader, a lot of readers will be put off by a link that looks hard to read. Something as simple as using a plugin on your website that will make your link look a little less ugly will increase your conversion rates by an insane amount.

The default affiliate link should look like this  www.modafiniltabs.com/shop/Modalert?affiliates=506 (The link will work with or without the / at the end of the url.)

We know that our offer will convert well, so taking a few small steps to ensure you’re a legitimate affiliate ensures that you can be our partner for a long time to come.


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We also highly recommend that you hide your links so they don’t flat out look like an affiliate link. You can do this manually or with easy wordpress plugins like the PrettyLinks WP plugin.

Please sign up as an affiliate now to join our team. If you have any questions please use our contact form.


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