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Modafinil Side Effects

Modafinil Side Effects

Modafinil side effects

Modafinil Side Effects

Modafinil is being called first truly safe nootropic wonder drug. It’s been used for years in the treatment of narcolepsy and now scientists are researching effects it has on ADHD. It is being used as a study aid, due to its ability to help you focus, remain awake and alert far longer than you would be able to do it normally.

However, despite its seemingly as a perfect blend of usefulness and harmlessness, modafinil is not without potential risk. Modafinil side effects have been reported and you should know them. Some modafinil side effects will require urgent attention, so please see a medical professional and consult them about your modafinil use. We’ll talk about some of the more common issues people have in this article.


You might read online that some people can take modafinil for years, even on a daily basis, and the nootropics will not lose its effectiveness. All we can say is that this is probably due to the fact that tolerance creeps up on some without them realizing it. Modafinil tolerance is real, and what it means is that as your body becomes more used to taking modafinil, it will alter your biochemistry to lessen the effects of it. Again, some people report that they don’t experience this, but it is a possibility. Make sure you don’t get sucked into using more and more of the nootropics to get the effects that you want. Remember, there is no point in taking more than 200mg of Modafinil, because that is the maximally effective dose.

Skin Conditions

This isn’t about modafinil, but it is worth mentioning that some people experience very harsh skin lesions and ailments such as Stevens-Johnson Syndrome from a wide variety of drugs. Stevens-Johnson Syndrome is a potentially disease, so if you start to experience skin lesions, come off modafinil immediately and seek specialised medical help. Most people won’t suffer from this, but might get itchy or dry skin from it. Remember though, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.


For some, it’s a wonder drug, performance enhancing enough that they concentrate and work through the night. However, there’s no such thing as a free lunch. People who abuse modafinil, or come off modafinil after a long period of time on the product, can find that they experience the same, or similar, symptoms of withdrawal that a narcoleptic would feel. (Drowsiness and inability to concentrate). This is because modafinil has very real powers: it messes with your circadian rhythm, and this has consequences.

Other Effects

Biology is a tricky business, because we’re all different. Some patients report different problems, like headaches, sensitivity in the extremities, drowsiness and even gut and digestive troubles from modafinil. This is the same with any drug. The important thing when thinking about side effects is to be vigilant. No list online can give you a full list of everything that could happen to you. You have to listen to your body and be prepared to come off it if in doubt.

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